Most frequent questions and answers

Simply people around you as Tourists (red circles) or Locals (yellow circles) who are Live at the moment looking for real-time interactions.

GiG: A real-time in-person activity made by a Tourist or Local, offering or requesting something from Live Roamers who can attend (named as “GiG in”). These activities would be visible on map (Orange pins) and would be defined only and only within the next 24 hours.

GiG with: A real-time in-person activity made by a Tourist or Local, offering or requesting something directly from someone who is Live at the moment. So the other side can accept or reject. These GiGs would not be visible on the map and go directly to your Live Board area waiting for your approval.

Preferences: What you are looking for as a Tourist or Local, thing you want to try out.
Potentials: What potential service you can provide as a Tourist or Local, things you have talent in.

If a requester rates the GiG as four or five in the five point rating scale at the end of the GiG, there would be an extra question asking if the GiG has been inspiring or not. By choosing Yes, the offeror of the GiG receive inspiration point.
In this way, we would rank inspiring people in each city providing the answers for below questions:
Where are the most inspiring cities across the world?
What are the most inspiring activities in each city?
Who are the most inspiring people in each category?

As soon as a Roamer signs up as a Local or fills the Hometown section of the profile, based on GPS data we detect one as Local whenever he/she is in the city. Elsewhere we detect one as a Tourist.

No! The map shows only those Romaers to you that have something with you in common. E.g. one who is looking for Music can see you on the map if you have potential in Music to provide.

Still No! You are able to select at most five preferences from your profile or through the filter gauge on the map letting you see all the relevant GiGs to your preferences, because we assume these are the things that you are looking for, not everything.

Since this would not be useful for you to see activities or people who you actually can not interact with due to geographical constraints, you are able to see Live GiGs & Roamers in the 50KM radius of your live location.

Automatically after the end of each GiG (or GiG with) based on the start time and duration, the one who offered a service would receive a page named “Memory Wall” in which can specify those who have actually shown up in the GiG. This would affect the “Engagement Rate” of the participants that would be visible on their profiles.
On the other hand, the requesters (one or many) would receive a “Rating page” letting them rate the quality of the GiG based on a five point rating scale. This would affect the rate of “Quality of GiGs” for the offeror of the GiG that would be visible on his/her profile.

All of these actions are doable in the application through the Profile page accessible on the menu.

The .Inspeer allows people to have in-person interactions with each other leveraging a real-time platform. For this, a minimum information about you is required to let the other side decide about having interaction with you or not. This would apply also for those who want to interact with you. So please complete your profile as accurately as possible to prevent low rating at the end of the activities which may cause difficulty in your future interactions.

This is not available on this version since the .Inspeer is still an infant. As soon as we grow up enough to let us support you at the best level considering all the concerns of a paid activity, we will provide this option to let you make money out of it as an inspiring GiGer 🙂 By then please try your best to collect more and more inspiration points in your potential services which would be the best metric for others to pay you in future.

As soon as a Roamer attends your GiG or the GiG starts, you would not be able to delete or edit the GiG you made.

As soon as the GiG starts, you would not be able to leave the GiG you attended.